The Ultimate Web 2.0 & Social Link Building Tool!

- Cutting Edge Web Based "Cloud" Submission System
- Easy to Use Account Creation Software
- Unlimited Projects, Scheduling & Drip Feeding
- Link Indexing, Rank Tracking, Link Wheels & Pyramids
- Article Scrapers & Auto-Content Syndication System
- White Label Reporting, API Access and integration with many of the best SEO tools!


Build & Control Your Own Link Networks!

Web based submission support for over 120 web 2.0 & social sites plus support for open platforms like Wordpress, PHPfox, Mediawiki, Elgg, Jcow & Dolphin

Supports Web 2.0, Social Bookmarking & PDF Sharing Sites!

Build The Highest Quality & Most Effective Links!

Dear Fellow Marketers, Ive been an SEO professional & Internet Marketer for over a decade now. Ive helped, my clients, my students and myself create successful online businesses that make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

Im not here to waste your time with some overhyped sales letter or clever graphics, just the facts. These days when it comes to building links or even just promoting your website, Web 2.0 & Social sites are more important than ever. Building your presence online is the key to high rankings, high earnings and getting that coveted social traffic.

Now knowing that, imagine the ranking boosts you can get from being able to build and control as many of these high PR, highly trusted properties as you want. FCS Networker gives you control over your link building & web promotion in a way no other product has. Its helped me and many users rank 1000’s of sites on the 1st page of Google while also building a huge social presence which we all know is essential for any website in this day and age.

Now combine all that with our incredible Rank Tracking system, content generators, free indexing, plus white label reporting and you'll have the most powerful ranking arsenal all at your finger tips!

Join us today! - Dan

Full Web Based Control

Submit, Schedule & Network All From Our Servers!

No CPU usage & no annoying programs running all day on your PC. Even run campaigns from your phone or tablet.

- Submissions

What really separates FCS Networker from the rest is our completely innovative web based "cloud" interface. All of your submissions are done on our servers through our cutting edge web based socket submission system. No need for proxies and no need to strain your PC. You can choose to shoot all of your submissions out in 1 day or drip feed them over a few months. Our scheduling system allows you to have full control over your link building and promotion campaigns.

- Projects

Our project system lets you setup submission campaigns quickly and easily. You can build link wheels or link pyramids. You can have videos & pictures automatically added to your submissions. You can use our auto-linking feature to automatically place your links within your content. You can even have content automatically generated for you. Once your project is setup you can check in on it, see the progress of your submissions, view/download successful links and create white label reports.

- Account Management

The real key to owning your own network of Web 2.0 & Social properties is the ability to TRULY network and leverage them for your promotion campaigns. FCS Networker allows you to do just that in a way no other product does. Organize and group your accounts how you like & have endless sub networks. Group your accounts by different niches or use your entire network for all niches. Plus easily import accounts created with 3rd party software. Its all in your hands!

- Content Generation

We all know content is extremely important these day. We have tons of options that make getting and submitting content easy and flexible. You can use our built in article generators, bulk import your own articles or even just work on 1 at a time. Plus our RSS feed scraper and seamless integration with 3rd party content sources like Kontent Machine & Article builder. You can spin your articles using The Best Spinner, SpinnerChief, Spin Rewriter, WordAI or our own free spinner service. You can even group niche articles together to keep things organized.

- Link Management

Managing your links has never been easier. You can create sets of links with anchor text to be used with our auto-linking feature & also create short "Blurbs" that can be automatically injected into your articles to keep your content fresh and more unique. We can even automatically grab links from your RSS feeds or sitemaps to keep your campaigns constantly updated so you don't have to!

- Rank Tracking & Indexing

FCS Networker not only has our own built in backlink indexer but we also include our free rank tracking system to help you with your SEO & promotion campaigns. Track your rankings with ease, and also keep track of your domains PA/DA & Citation/Trust Flow automatically. We've also created a system that shows if any of your FCS web 2.0 blog accounts are ranking for your keywords + loads more! All of this gives you all the SEO info you need to give you the leg up on your competition.

FCS Software

Create Accounts, Verify Emails, Auto-Import To Web Tool!

- Account Creator

Our included windows based software doesn't have endless bells & whistles. It doesn't offer every low-quality link option under the sun like some others. What it does do is easily & quickly create 1 set or multiple sets of web 2.0, social & document sharing accounts at some of the highest quality sites on the web virtually hands free! Literally takes 15 seconds to setup a project. Just click 1 button & the bot will auto-generate all info needed, grab a pre-created email account & even auto verify your emails. All while you do something more fun. Uncomplicated & easy to use.

- Email Creation & Verifier

With FCS Networker you can automatically create an email to be used with account creation or have the software just grab you an already pre-created email account to use. All accounts have their spam filters de-activated so none of your activation emails get lost in the junk folder. Our Email Verifier will then automatically go in and verify all the emails and even publish the blogs that can't be published until after verification. Its all done for you right after the accounts are created. Its that easy!

- Auto Import to Web Tool

The FCS Networker software has seamless integration with the FCS Networker Web Tool. You can have your accounts automatically imported into your web account after each creation cycle or you can do it yourself with a push of a button. You can easily organize your accounts into networks right from the software! All of this enables you to build incredibly powerful link networks with ease.

Reporting, API Access & Much More

Flexible White Label Reporting & 3rd Party Integration!

- Reporting

Our custom reporting system is about as flexible and advanced as they come. We offer the ability to create csv, txt and even custom white label PDF reports using your own logo and header. You can choose which information to show and which projects you want reports on. With basically a push of a button you can not only create reports for yourself but also for your clients as well. This is incredibly handy for those users who want to use FCS as part of their link selling business.

- API Access

Integrating with 3rd party SEO tools has never been easier thanks to our FCS API. You can get links from a single project or multiple projects at once. You can also choose to just export links from that day. Our API is flexible, easy to use and already integrated with some of your favorite SEO tools like GSA Search Engine Ranker! With the ease of our API you can have automatic updates of your link building campains without ever needing to check back in on them.

- So Much More!

With so many constantly updated features its virtually impossible to go into detail on all of them. You can verify your links to make sure they are still alive, delete dead accounts with ease, and even create a 2nd tier for your projects with a push of a button. You can track post counts to your blogs, auto-translate, spin or mash your articles, and automatically add authority links to your submissions! FCS has more than you'll probably ever need all wrapped into a system thats easy to use for beginners and flexible enough for even the most advanced SEO's and marketers.

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blockquote> I had the beta and now, of course, the full version and you know what? My good mate created possibly the Best tool! Not to mention excellent support, cool community behind.. and continued improvements.. A-b-s-o-l-u-t-e-l-y recommended!!!!!!! - Mat
This is a great tool! I have been using it for months and Dan keeps FCS running smooth. You will not have to worry about buying this only to find that a month later it does not work... Dan has also provided me with AAA+ support since day one. Great Guy + Great Software = Best Money Spent
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Dan is so far out ahead of the game on this. I would not wait if I were you. Stop, drop, and buy this now!
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High Quality Links

FCS Networker is one of the highest quality link building & promotion tools on the market. Unlike other tools that promote your website at low quality websites, FCS Networker uses sites that people actually use like Tumblr, Wordpress, Twitter ect...

Stop creating spammy 1 page sites that all look the same
Stop building links from low quality sites nobody uses
Stop using outdated tools that "USED" to work

Build Quality Links Easily and Effectively.

Created By Real SEO's

This tool was originally developed specifically for our own needs and techniques. Built upon our proven methods that actually work! We currently have over 70+ sites ranking 1st page on Google with the help of FCS Networker. SEO is our expertise & our business.

Panda & Penguin friendly
Unparalleled control over your link building campaigns
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